Specialists in establishing & reviewing conditions for alternative investment platforms

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Fund reviews & establishments

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Nominee issues & fund agreements

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Regulatory issues


Understanding what drives investors & managers enables successful capitalization

Through their many years of work for institutional investors such as banks and funds, the specialists at Gro have a unique insight into the market and experience of the issues and conditions that affect both investors and managers. Our working group for funds and investments works continuously for private equity teams and investors with everything from fund reviews, establishments, structural issues, and fund conditions to exits, secondaries, restructuring and regulatory issues.

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Gro is a committed and confident partner who understands the commercial reality for the client and adapts the advice accordingly

For you as an entrepreneur

It often takes many abilities to drive successful concepts and business ideas and where the abilities meet you will find the ownership agreement. The ownership agreement can take many forms, such as shareholder, joint venture, partner or investment agreements.

We are experts in ownership agreements and would like to talk more with you about what your collaboration should look like. We assist you with everything related to board work, customer agreements, capital raising and management issues.

For investors

Gro law firm was founded by lawyers with many years of experience in venture capital structures, M&A and funds, and this of course includes a deep understanding and specialization of both commercial acquisition and fund terms as well as regulatory issues.

Contact us if you establish, represent or review venture capital structures or funds, regardless of where in the regulatory landscape you are.