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High-quality legal advice from solution-oriented specialists with extensive experience from corporations and leading law firms.

About us

Sustainable business

Gro is a modern law firm that was founded to meet market demand for an innovative law firm offering high-quality legal services and specialist services. Gro also has a keen focus sustainability which includes working environment and approach to our clients. We believe long-term relationships and mutual consideration in relation to both clients as well as employees are an important and integrated part of a business-oriented approach in order to achieve the highest quality of legal advice.


The right place for clients and employees to grow

A pragmatic and business-oriented approach is particularly important for our clients and Gro has been built from the ground up to cater to these needs. Our way of working is also driven by our conviction that a sustainable approach is integral to a modern business. As a client, you will benefit from a senior & close collaboration with our lawyers. As an employee, you have found a place where you can grow into the best lawyer you can become.

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Gro is a committed and confident partner who understands the commercial reality for the client and adapts the advice accordingly